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Warning: This journal references to/contains slash. 

Note: I do not own anyone from Bandom, nor do I know them or associate with them. Any writings proceeding this are purely made by my overactive imagination. 

This is my journal where i post all my slash stories.Feel free to add me.

I now post my fics and co-writes to the community lullabysmile Join! Frolic! Ect!

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I would like to introduce to a shiny new community called lullabysmile 

It's wherewhisperdlullabyand I are posting our co-writes (and individual stories) from now on. Although I will be posting links to this journal as always, I encourage you to join it to keep up to date with whisperdlullaby's fiction as well.

Having just finished my first co-write with her, [which will be up shortly]I can safely say she is a confident and competent writer, and a complete lifesaver. She complemented my flaws entirely and if it wasn't for her the story never would have made it to what it is. I was pretty honoured to be able to work with her and see her writing style up close, and this will (hopefully) be one of many stories we complete together. I also have her to thank for taking the time to create this lovely comm and work out all the fine details <3

So please support us and join :)
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I've been reading fanfic of a bunch of other fandoms lately, and happened to come across a panic at the disco rec list, and I was like, Hey why not for old time's sake? I opened it up and right away spotted one of my own stories in the list and got wigged out and closed the tab because I had forgotten I'd even written fic, let alone one someone would reccomend.

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The funny this is, in my psychology class, when they were explaining existentialism, they warned us not too think too much about it because it can be depressing.

As someone who takes life too seriously and is emotionally unstable at best, I've never felt so calm as when I look at something that's making me crazy and thinking, it doesn't fucking matter.


January Prompts

Beta'd by ssuukkii

Growing Our Wings by whisperdlullaby and panic_smile
Brendon/Spencer | pg-13 | 2,668 words | written for clairejw's prompt
Sometimes you just can't go back

Ink and Paint by panic_smile
Pete/Mikey | NC-17-ish | 1660 words | Written for ivesia19's prompt
“I can’t admire your skin?”

A little bit of Something
by panic_smile
Brendon/Ryan | PG | 457 words | M-preg
Written for bemyparamore's prompt
“We should think of names,” Ryan says, rolling Maltesers down the slope of Brendon’s belly.

In the Air by panic_smile
Brendon/Spencer | PG | 749 words | Brendon/Spencer | PG | 749 words | Written for funxfuneral's prompt
“It’s called accelerated free fall.”

Between the Branches by whisperdlullaby
brendon/ryan | pg | 821 words |written for autumn_carnival's prompt
“first kisses are supposed to be awkward and bad,” he says, and shimmies forward
until his kneecaps bump against brendon’s, “or they wouldn’t be right.”

Photos by watchingthe_sky's prompt
His smile is even better when it’s held in the one moment

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